Thursday, April 29, 2010

A sweet little collectible..............

Powder boxes and tins! I just can't resist the graphics on these beauties.....and the ones made of cardboard, well, it's just frustrating that things aren't made this well anymore. I admit I buy these lovlies for their "prettiness" but the fact that the boxes are so very thick! I think I might even store some buttons in these. Admittedly I don't pay much for them but they're such a beautiful part of our past.....

It's yet another crazy weather day here, sunny one minute, rain and hail the next...and cold too! I'm hanging out waiting for my bedskirt from Anthropologie to be delivered today...then I'll have to wrestle with my king-size bed to get it on there...yikes! Wish me luck - I have visions of the whole mattress falling on me :(

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stopping in to say hello......~a rambling post~

Well, another weekend gone by the wayside, and a busy one it was too.
We love our weekends where absolutely nothing is going on, in other words, "What do you want to do today?"
Our dd is all about Mother's Day this year, chatting it up big time (so very sweet). There are lots of whispers.......and of course my dh's birthday is on May 13, so even more whispers.
We did a bit of antique shop browsing for ideas..............always my idea of fun on a weekend.
There was also some moving around of shrubs in our matter how large a garden book says that a plant will grow we can always seem to double that! Must be something in our soil :).
It's good we got it done however, because it looks like rain is on our agenda today......can't wait for at least 5 uninterrupted days of sun. I probably won't know what to do with myself!

I'm off to Home Goods to continue searching for my bed makeover.....nothing too exciting, just some King-sized pillows this time. When it's all pulled together I'll take some pics.....I was inspired by Maria over at Dreamy Whites to re-do my bed. She has the most fabulous Anthropologie bedding....
I've been searching for some time now for just the right bedskirt, and thanks to Maria I found it!
Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by.......

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some recent fun finds and a small project....

Today my dh took dd to a baseball game so I've had my day to myself....first stop was the flea market. I only found two things, the faded and tattered shoe stretchers above and an old road map of Texas for my Dad.The shoe stretchers inspired me to gussy up a plain pair that I've had awhile with my favorite new fabric...the blue pair is one I've had for many years and they're handpainted (not by me! ) These are the only shoe stretchers I own, love them all.The round  basket was found at St. Vinnies and it has a real "Pottery Barn" vibe to it, and it's really big to store some magazines in my living room. The train case was found there as well and now lives in my dd's bedroom. One of my most unique recent finds was this old children's book at has an old book cover on it that is just ancient, I didn't know they even made these textbook covers back then....
The inside of the book is filled with charming pictures and it's so fun to look at these old textbooks from the 40's.......boy have times changed!!
I've got all my windows open so I can smell my lilacs which are in full bloom, now it's back to cleaning my studio of that will follow soon....have a great week friends!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Mom and Elvis.......

So I'm cleaning my house today and re-thinking some of my decor, just trying to keep things fresh when I came across something I take for granted every day. A picture of my Mom with Elvis. How many people can relate to that I wonder?
When I was growing up my Dad was in the Air Force. We traveled. A lot......I was 4 years old when we moved to France.
As a teen I would look at this picture and wonder......finally asked my Mom, "What's up with you and Elvis anyway?"
She told me the story of the day she and a girlfriend went into Paris (the big city), we didn't live in Paris but a smaller outlying town. As they were walking down the street my Mom looked across the street and said, "Oh my gosh, there's Elvis Presley!" She was beside herself and wanted to go meet him but her friend was really shy and didn' my Mom went over by herself and met him and had her picture taken with him.
Obviously this was at the time that he was in the Army.....look how handsome he is! And my Mom is just beaming, how cute is she? I treasure this photo......
The second photo is of my Mom and Dad on the Champs Elysees....tres chic!
My Mom was always so stylish and classic in her dress and manner....I miss her every day.
Cherish those you love..........:).

Friday, April 9, 2010

More of using what you have (instead of buying more....)

Not that there's anything wrong with buying more......if it's something you need!
I made these stamped ribbons out of some old fabric I've had for quite some time...and I used some stamps from an antique stamp set that I was gifted from a friend. Very cute images on what looks like a toile fabric. These will be added to my Etsy shop hopefully in the next couple of days.
I love a quick project...... there's something about that instant gratification that is rather hard to come by these days.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Not something I normally do but I highly recommend it....

joining a bookclub, that is.....I joined Homestyle Books because they just happened to have a whole slew of books that I've had my eye those above. The one I want the most won't ship until a few days from now (the new Where Women Create book). Can't wait to get my mitts on that one, those are my favorite books.
I also ordered The Well-Dressed Home (I believe by Annette Tatum?) That one looks fabulous too. And the new French General book called Treasured Notions, well what can I say about that one? Her books are all pure eye candy! Who hasn't dreamed about seeing her store?
Meanwhile I'm just working on a few projects here at home like trying to decide which two are the perfect buttons for the baby slip above....might take me about an hour to figure that one out!:)
Also putting away the last of my Easter decor, I hope you all had a nice holiday...ours was great!
Made some blueberry pancakes, went to church, had lunch and drinks, made a fab Easter dinner, more drinks, fire in the fireplace, played name that tune from itunes......just an all around relaxing and fun day.
Hope yours was the same!

Friday, April 2, 2010

If you get one of these (or something similiar) consider yourself blessed!

My daughter came running out of school yesterday with this masterpiece carefully held in her hands.
Me: "Oh my goodness sweetheart, what is that?"
DD: "I made it for you! It's the Easter bunnies house."
Me: "Well, that is just perfect to decorate our Easter dinner table with."
She beams......hope you all have a blessed Easter :).