Sunday, June 30, 2013

A fun and unplanned day..........

This is Yachats.....on a picture perfect day!
I had the idea to drive to the coast today since it was going to be so very hot here in the valley. My family thought it was a great idea. We drove to Florence and had lunch, bought some peanut brittle for Katherine, and hit an estate sale...bought a couple of things. Then we headed up to Heceta Head which was packed with people so we decided to go up to Yachats.......had ice cream and saw some beautiful beachfront scenery.

Katherine hamming it up!

Yes, I'd be happy with this view every day, wouldn't you?

It was a completely peaceful day and we can't wait until our beach vacation in August! My dream is having a house at the coast......what's yours?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A true "pickers" sale....a newbie at work...............

Was it hot Friday? Oh yes! It was hot! I found a country sale on the web that sounded worth going said "open until dark".
Need I say more?
I got dd ready and we set out, hoping to not run out of gas because this sale was out in the country and I didn't want to bother with getting gas. Who can be bothered with those trivial details?
We drove out and went down a gravel road. Then we saw a sign that said "Please close the gate behind you". Huh?
Dd jumped out of the car, all ready for the adventure...she did great. We proceeded down the gravel road and my eyes were in no way prepared for what they met.....acres and acres of....'Stuff'.
We didn't know where to begin. There were different areas with items segregated like 'glassware', 'Christmas', 'clothing', etc.

Unfortunately a lot of the items hadn't been protected very well from the elements so they weren't worth buying.

My dd was obsessed with this, not so much!

Creepy dolls that I passed're welcome!

A pretty sheet that I probably shouldn't have passed on....

Bought this patriotic pillow that hasn't fared too well with my washing......oh well, it was $1.

Don't know what this is.....
The fact is that we were there on a very hot day and there were bees everywhere! I lost sight of my dd and after calling her name a few times and her not answering I started to think of the movie "Deliverance".
Need I say more? I was in panic mode not hearing her answer me after calling her about 5 times.
There were so many trailers and barns and smaller dwellings on this property that I thought that we could totally disappear and no one would be able to trace our whereabouts since no one knew where we were going.....heck, WE didn't even know where we were going, or just how isolated it was.
Yes, I know, I've seen way too many scary movies.
But all was well and we left with a few items that made the trip worthwhile. But I still wonder about that lifestyle of those folks and what they do.
Where do they get all that 'stuff'? Most of it was under tarps to keep it from the rain but I was kind of afraid to uncover it for fear there may be a snake or two to be discovered!
A true picker's paradise, I guess!
Maybe I need a thicker skin?
Yep, I think so.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New today........

I've been busy creating......

Ballet shoes are such a perfect blank canvas to embellish, don't you think?

These shoes are in my Etsy shop
A OOAK creation.

Soon I'll be tackling my studio.....that's right. I'm goin' in!!!!
Wish me luck~~~~gonna need it.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ever have one of "those" days?????

Where you feel you're bearing the weight of the entire world upon your shoulders? I'm sure you know what I mean. I had a bad night....thought I was ready for sleep but as soon as the lights went out.....boom! I was wide took me quite awhile to get to sleep and even then I kept waking up. It's messed up my day and made me a not-so-nice person to be around.
I needed some alone time....went thrifting and found this huge storage box that I've started to make over with my vintage wallpaper.

And a gorgeous old globe that I'll also be altering for my etsy shop.......stay tuned!

I have big plans for this beauty!
My dd has started off her summer vacation with a nasty's hard to deal with when she should be headed off to a camp or two......but won't be now. But we'll be taking it easy and hopefully she'll be over it soon.
I do hope you're all having a great start to your summer!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gosh I love a good garage sale, especially one in our own neighborhood.....

So sorry for the blurry photo above! This is a chippy black iron bed that we found at our neighbors garage sale.....we're going to have it sandblasted and then powder coated with a gorgeous high gloss finish in raspberry for our daughter's bedroom. She's in a twin bed that is just too small for her, this one is a double.

There is some worry that this paint may be lead based because of the age of this bed.

Oh, and this $15 price tag? Don't pay any attention to that, it was actually $10.

I showed interest in this beauty right away and the lady said that she purchased this humongous crocheted spread at a sale in......France! Score!

After a few repairs this will be put in my Etsy shop if  I can make myself part with it.....

Dh collects old oil paintings of scenic Oregon sites.....I found this one for him for $10 at this sale.

I'm thinking it will fit right in with his other paintings, don't you think so too?
It's garage sale weather so get out there and see what you can find!

Friday, June 14, 2013

It's a happy day.........

This is why I love Etsy....because you never know who's watching!
I got a sale today on this simple pie server. It was from a stylist from Country Living magazine........say what???!!!!
Could I ship it UPS 2 day? Ummm, I think so......
Thank you very much!

Now, of course I have no idea if it's for her personally or for a magazine shoot but since she gave me the corporate account number for their UPS account I'll assume the latter.
I was happy to rearrange my day to fit that in.
My dd got out of school for the year today.
O' happy day! Now we can have some fun!

Plus it's strawberry season and we got some of those too.
Not the one's from our supermarket, but the one's from the farm stand!
We're eating healthier these days and that's a good thing.
Hope your summer is off to a great start!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's been a pink-alicious day~~~~~~~~~!

It's been a great day! Got some large packages off to their new homes, met my dh for lunch and then it was off to shopping for me!
Found two awesome rolls of wallpaper (rare in these parts), one of them is huge, a teeny tiny hand painted made in Japan silk box (probably a ring box), some wonderfully worn satin toe shoes (you know how I feel about those), two very old children's nursery hanger, and a most FAB valentines chocolate box....another item I swoon over when others's find them but I never do....until today.

A sheet of roses decals, an adorable child's pink dustpan (it's all about the pink today apparently), some doll bed linens with THE most adorable fabric, and a really, really old souvenir pillow from Los Angeles.

So I'm off to do one of my favorite things....clean my new finds.....I love cleaning old linens! How about you?
Most of these will be listed in my shop as soon as I get the time.
This is my dd's last week of school before summer break. Can't wait to have her home with me!!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just put it out there, go ahead....don't be shy

I was simply perusing Etsy, minding my own business

I came upon a wonderful book (umm, no, not the one you see here) and it jogged my memory of a couple of years ago at the my favorite antique store Yankee Trader. See, she had a copy of this book called 'Vitalogy'. It was pretty cool but I didn't buy it. Been kicking myself ever since because every time I see a copy they cost a small fortune. And you all know what a cheapskate I am by now!

So I'm looking on Etsy, just a random looking around type of thing and came upon a book that reminded me of this fab book. Of course it was out of my price range but it got me to thinking.
Hmm, what are the odds I'll EVER find my own copy of this phenomenal book? 

See, I've always loved medical things, beakers, books, instruments, doctors bags, etc. I even wanted to be a heart surgeon for one day in college....til I found out how much you had to study and that put a quick end to that idea.

Hey look, a pop-up!!!!!!
Anyway, I was at St. Vinnies and decided to have a look-see in their locked know the ones where they keep their "special" books (that means expensive).
My eyes kept going down down down to the very bottom of the case and what did I spy?
Found a young man to open up the case for me (I was all a-twitter at this point).
It now resides in my home.....gosh I don't think I can ever sell this beauty, though I'm sure it would fetch a pretty penny.
Some things are just meant to be......
I'm finding it just a little bit creepy that this has happened so much to me lately....things I've thought long and hard on have appeared in the strangest ways.
Does this happen to you too?
Go ahead and give it a try....put those vibes out there and see what comes back to you.
And I'm not just talking about material things either, I'm talking about more esoteric things like feelings, attitudes, etc.
You know, good vibes.
I know I'll be trying it more often.
The power of positive can move mountains.