Monday, July 30, 2012

What do a sunny day, candles, presents, songs,

mud pie, and being surrounded by loved ones have in common? Well that would be a birthday! MINE! I was serenaded twice on the phone (too cute) and got to go shopping with my dd (always time well spent).

And I didn't even have to cook my own birthday dinner, even though my poor husband is suffering from a sinus infection.
He brought home dinner from one of our favorite restaurants and we got to sit outside to enjoy this beautiful weather!

And I even had time to dye some new ribbon that will soon be in my etsy shop.
It was a great day all around......hope yours was wonderful too!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Loving Summer so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New find today for my etsy these!!

Prettiest lotto cards ever, I have big plans for these!

And these......

These will be in shop soon......

Cute flash my etsy soon.

Awesome faded fabric box from the coast....

I love this square clipboard, have never seen one like this.

Sweet books......

back of the sweet  books.....

Some awesome vintage wool for needlepoint and crewel work.
Sweet overnight case coming soon to my etsy as well.
This week will be busy. Dd will be going to a camp tomorrow, I'll be helping an old friend who has decided to clear out some of her collections this weekend and that will be fun. She also wants to start her own Etsy shop so she has big plans!
I'll also be selling some of my larger items that aren't easily shipped in her sale so that's nice of her too.
So it proves to be a wonderfully busy week around here.
How about you?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

4th Annual Where Bloggers Create...come see my creative space!

Hello, and welcome!

I hope you have a happy time exploring my studio.
For me, that happiest of places!

You'll be in good company....everyone here is friendly and welcoming.

Like most of you out there with your own creative space, I have a lot of "stuff". And I like to make my storage as pretty as possible, something that makes my space beautiful. Like these vintage cigar boxes I was lucky enough to find, they house vintage blocks and office supplies.

Some of my business cards waiting to be cut out.

Some local folks I've found them!

Glitter in vintage containers...I use a lot of glitter!

My pretty Nancy Ann their sweet faces!

My pink hanging basket thrift find, in pink no less! I love it to hold my vintage flowers.

An old photo that I love and some old flash cards on a cabinet door....

My sweet bisque girls and some vintage storage boxes.

My initials, in wallpaper of course...:)

Some hatbox the florals.

I found this beauty on Etsy and was so happy that she was a seller in my own state of Oregon....I use it to store my tags from my Etsy shop.

A pretty barkcloth knitting bag that holds old trims.

I found this cool wire storage piece at HomeGoods and it fit this weird space in my studio perfectly! I use it to hold my antique cabinet card photos and some bits of ephemera.

A table that I added this past year. I love the faux bamboo trim and the floral oilcloth top....I use it to wrap my packages for my Etsy's been a wonderful addition to my studio. My dh put tiny wheels on the bottom so it's easy for me to move around if need be. The leather train cases underneath hold some of my Etsy items for sale.

A work space with necessities above....

Storage, storage, and more storage! I love to use old locker baskets, tiny jewelry boxes, vintage file boxes, and floral glove boxes....hmmm, guess I like boxes!

Florals are my favorite!

Lots of vintage floral wallpapered drawers.
These hold my stamps, and things to alter.....

A stuffed dresser top.

Leather doll bodies, don't know why I love them, I just do!

Another knitting bag....

Supplies on my wrapping table, I made the string box with some vintage wallpaper. Wish I had a whole roll of this gorgeous paper but I just had a small piece.

A tiny bit of my vintage wallpaper collection.

Vintage sewing box with old supplies.....

Are you still with me?

Another cool storage piece from HomeGoods.

Some old friends!

Clear hatboxes make the BEST storage, you can actually see what you have.

Well, I'm exhaused, how about you?! Thank you so much for visiting me today...I feel so fortunate to have my own space to create in. When we go on vacation each Summer I actually pine away for my studio....:). Whenever I'm feeling down I know just where to go to make myself feel better.
I can't wait to check out all the other creative spaces in this years party.
Thanks once again to Karen for hosting this awesome event!!!