Thursday, December 4, 2014

A teeny bit of Christmas decorating.....

A new-to-me vintage 3-D advent know, the beautiful old ones that were made in Germany? These are the type I grew up with and I've decided to start collecting a few of them. This year it will be all vintage for me! (Well, mostly vintage!)

I purchased the gorgeous doily keeper from a wonderful Etsy seller....there's a smaller one that is identical . The old fabric with the blue flowers and birds is just them both! This vignette is in a corner of my dining room.

Pretty gold glittery bird holding a very old gospel card....he greets you as you come through the front door.

I've been so lucky to find some amazing old Polish ornaments (mostly at Vintage Industry) and they look so pretty all together in a all the pinks and the wee bit of glitter that is still barely hanging on......:).

Another advent calendar from Germany....adore this one with the trees that 'stand out' in the front.

More fun Polish ornaments. They're like miniature works of art to me!
How is your Christmas decorating going? Have you started yet?

(Please excuse my less than stellar photos, it's a VERY dark and rainy morning here in Oregon and I took these with my iPhone!)


Rhonda said...

We have that rain now! Although, it's clearing and I see sun around the corner. Loved that slow rain last night and this morning, loved it!!

Ah, I have not started my decorating yet. I have the green small Christmas trees in my studio but I needed those for a photo shoot! Cannot very well sell Christmas items without something green! LOL

You've inspired me and I'm getting busy. I will post pictures this weekend or tomorrow, if I get much done.

Oh, your collection of vintage ornaments is amazing.

Annette said...

Lovely décor. I remember those wonderful Advent calendars.

Kathy said...

How have I lived all of my life and never heard of a doily keeper! What is it??

Curtains in My Tree said...

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment about my vintage pink beaded shoes that I am using in my Christmas decor this year.
Is the doily keeper a box?
I like all your vintage beauties and the old German tri fold cards are a hit in my house also. I have a chest of drawers full of Christmas cards old and new that I add glitter to my new ones
your etsy shop is wonderful also


Gail said...

For those of you who've asked.....a doily keeper is a set of two heavy board rounds covered with fabric that are joined together in the back and with a ribbon closing on the front. You just press your linens or doily's and then place them inside the keeper to keep them well pressed and ready for opposed to jammed in a drawer like someone who I won't mention has been used to storing them in the past!

Unknown said...

Wow. Beautiful Images...

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