Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's been a long and winding road.................!!!!

 I'm not at all sure where the time has gone but I do know that I've been B-U-S-Y!!!!
But who hasn't, right?
 I've had a heck of a time even getting my blog back......what in the heck has happened to google? Or was it just me?  Who knows, not even worth debating.
 I've gone through a massive studio re-haul and am exhausted! Trying to make my studio work WITH me, not AGAINST me!
 My sister and I have also 86'd the whole antique mall 'booth' concept. Nothing against the concept, just didn't work for us and I'll leave it at that........:).
 This piece is one that I bought for our booth that has a new happier home in my own personal studio! It's a perfect fit for all of my pretty dolls.
 I've been purging in a HUGE way and you can find all sorts of goodies in my Etsy shop that used to live in my studio........I'm sharing with the world! Some have even taken me up on my offerings and for that I thank them!
This special table is one that my dh bought me for Mother's day. I saw it in the mall and hesitated....when I went back it was gone............!!!! Oh no! We've all been there, right?
Well, dh had purchased it for me and kept it a secret for an entire week....I'm impressed!

In any event, I thank those who have inquired about me and what happened with my blog or lack thereof...... It means a lot to me and you know who you are!!!

In other news my sweet dd is about to graduate from 8th grade and her one and only school so we have a ton of festivities just ahead of us.......all great! What a special time in a young persons life.
She's such a wonderful girl, we are truly blessed.

Hope you're all well.......I look forward to getting back into the blogging world.


Kathy said...

So happy to see you back in blogland! I didn't realize you were having blog trouble and just chalked it up to being busy since I could see you were active in your shop.
Sorry to hear about the mall space but you have a wonderful Etsy shop and a real knack for it!
I hope you will be sharing pictures of the studio space. I always love seeing how others find solutions to the balance of storing inventory and having room to "make".

Recycled Rita said...

Glad your back Gail!
I lovelovelove your blog! The tribute piece to your Mom is wonderful, I love the frame too and I love all the picks of your studio. I am off to visit your etsy!
Hugs! karen....

Tina said...

Sorry to hear it didn´t work out with your booth.
Now we´re back - Thanks for visiting.
life can be so busy sometimes.

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